Do you know that Agricultural businesses are the most lucrative businesses in the world?

Apart from the low-cost of start up and running the business, agricultural businesses turn out a huge profit of up to 100%. With the increase in unemployment, young people in Kenya are now embracing agriculture which was erstwhile considered a dirty business reserved only for the poor.

The trending challenge and impact of rural-urban migration have continued to generate great debates since the last three decades. Urban employment problems are a result of the phenomenal growth in urbanization and the inability of these urban centers to be able to utilize or absorb the urban labor that was created through the process of urbanization.

For the Kenyan entrepreneur arching a niche for one self may not be the simplest of tasks and it is so unfortunately common to see quite a number of promising entrepreneurs ranging from tech-innovators to stock investors give up on their brilliant ideas because of a market too limitative to accept any more. But just like the Biblical  Messiah comes Agribusiness to deliver us all from the abyss of economic despondence

Agricultural businesses can be started with little or no training. You do not need a special degree to start though you may need to spend some time learning about the intricacies of the business. So without wasting your time, Here below are some of the best and most profitable Agro –Business ventures for 2016;

1).   Dairy Farming

milking in julyOne of the most common forms of agribusiness which one cannot reasonably dispute as capable of raking in huge profits for your enterprise is Dairy Farming.

With a litre of milk now costing the average Kenyan just over 60 shillings, The necessity of milk in any household cannot be gainsaid; furthermore numerous studies have been keen to suggest that on average over 30 million Kenyans take at least one cup of milk tea per day. This notwithstanding the high number of factories in Nairobi and outside the capital city that deal in the processing of milk products, therefore the market is huge, yours for the taking.

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2) Pig Farming

pig farming kenya mojaPigs are very well known in Kenya for producing pork amongst other meat products  that rake in huge profits for the farmer in question.

If you choose to keep pigs you will realize very quickly the magnanimous profit tap you have stumbled upon.

You also have to choose good breeds to ensure that you get good sizes when and if you may want to sell them.

3)  Poultry Farming

Layer+Poultry+HousingLike the proverbial saying, when you start a chicken venture be sure that the chicks will always come to roost.

Provided you accord proper care, give the birds a balanced diet and regularly vaccinate them and keep them in good health you can raise a lot of money from the chicken business. Kienyeji chicken eggs are sold between Ksh 15- Ksh 20 while exotic birds go for Ksh 10-Ksh 20. You can also raise chickens for meat and sell them for a hefty profit within both the urban and rural market set ups.

4) Bee Keeping

bee keeping in kenyaThe cost of starting a bee keeping business is relatively low while it yields very high returns.

You can start a bee keeping business in Kenya with as low as 3,000 by constructing a langstroth bee hive from your local carpenter. Other things you may need are veils, bee suits and smokers

Smokers are used to control the bees during harvest and to prevent them from stinging you).

5) Vegetable Farming

12046844_145324242483502_3023890113311821121_nMany vegetables in the market offer high returns in just three (3) months of planting.

Onions, Capsicums, Tomatoes, Cabbages are just a few examples of vegetables that can generate you a lot of income in a short period of time.

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Especially if you have water and irrigation equipment you can generate a lot of money if you plant during the drought season.

6) Goat and Sheep Farming

dairy goat farming in kenyaStarting a Goat or Sheep business is relatively affordable and the good thing is that they do not need a lot of maintenance.

From sheep you can get wool, skins, sheep milk, mutton and manure while goats can give you milk, meat, skins and manure.

If you have ever bought one (1) kg of goat or sheep meat from the butchery then you will know how expensive it is. Imagine the

profits you would be making if you were selling your own goats and sheep!

7) Fish Farming

fish_farms2Tilapia, Catfish, Nile Perch among others, are some of the fish that farmers in Kenya raise for profits. Fish farming in Kenya is on demand and many supermarkets are issuing tenders for supply. Some Secondary Schools in Kenya also making orders for fish during important school events. The current price of fish is Ksh. 500 per Kg.

This is just a few of the plausible avenues present for an entrepreneur in Agribusiness and take note that nearly 60% of graduates from Harvard University are self employed so don’t myrrh under the illusion that Agribusiness is for the village folk and don your blue suit to go knock into offices seeking employment for months upon months. My dear readers please open your mind up to the great new reveal that is Agribusiness! Get that money because people’s opinions don’t pay your bills.


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