2020 Most Promising Agribusiness Ideas To Watch Out For

Every beginning of the year, we reflect back on what agribusiness men and women have achieved through various forms of agriculture and try to project on the new year.

Agricultural businesses can be started with little or no training. You do not need a special degree to start though you may need to spend some time learning about the intricacies of the business. So without wasting your time, Here below are some of the best and most profitable Agro –Business ventures for 2019; However, you will need a detailed business plan and a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of your plan and the resources you have available will be critical to the success of your business.


Avocado farming in Kenya has been practiced for many years with local variety like fuete dominating the market, in recent times, hass avocado farming has enjoyed competitive market on the international market in Europe. Unlike other varieties, hass takes a shorter time to mature – around three years. A single hass avocado seedling costs around 150/=, with an acre accommodating around 150seedlings. The current market price of a single fruit is between 10/= to 35/= depending on grading and other factors.


If you don’t have your own farm but still want to build a business centered around planting crops, you could start your own planting service and work with other farmers or growers in your area.


Pigs are very well known in Kenya for producing pork amongst other meat products that rake in huge profits for the farmer in question.
If you choose to keep pigs you will realize very quickly the magnanimous profit tap you have stumbled upon. You also have to choose good breeds to ensure that you get good sizes when and if you may want to sell them.

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Fertilizer distribution process is mostly controlled by the government. In fact, it is one of the most profitable agribusiness ideas which can be done with minimum investment. You can help deliver fertilizers to farmers in remote locations.


Constructing poultry house, dairy farming cubicles and other such farming structures for use by farmers to rear their livestock.


The cost of starting a bee keeping business is relatively low while it yields very high returns.

You can start a bee keeping business in Kenya with as low as 3,000 by constructing a langstroth bee hive from your local carpenter. Other things you may need are veils, bee suits and smokers


Many vegetables in the market offer high returns in just three (3) months of planting.

Onions, Capsicums, Tomatoes, Cabbages are just a few examples of vegetables that can generate you a lot of income in a short period of time.


This is just a few of the plausible avenues present for an entrepreneur in Agribusiness, so, don’t myrrh under the illusion that Agribusiness is for the village folk and don your blue suit to go knock into offices seeking employment for months upon months.

My dear readers please open your mind up to the great new reveal that is Agribusiness! Get that money because people’s opinions don’t pay your bills.

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