Apple Mango, A Cultivar Of Mango Making Farmers Smile To The Bank

The mango industry in Kenya has grown significantly over recent years, both in size and in the geographical location of commercial and homestead plantings. The growing of mangoes in Kenya does not only take place in the coastal region but also other parts of the country such as central, eastern region, among other regions. Almost every part of the country produces mangoes but the arid eastern region produces 61 per cent of all mangoes, Rift Valley at 30 per cent and Coast producing 28 per cent.

The mango tree is not indigenous to Kenya, for centuries it has been cultivated in the Coast Province. The crop was introduced into the country during the 14th Century by the traders who came to the Kenyan coast.  The mango is one of the most important fruit crops in the tropical and subtropical lowlands. The mango is native to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Malaysia, although it can be found growing in more than sixty other countries throughout the world.


This cultivar originated from the Kenya coastline, probably around the Malindi area. The fruits are medium to large, almost round in shape and have a rich yellow or orange to red colour when ripe. The Average length measures 9.7cm by 11cm in width, and the weight is 280-580gms.

The skin is usually smooth and  thin,  and  the  juicy yellow  flesh  is  of excellent  flavour  and  of melting  texture virtually free from fibre.

This type of Mango is not a polyembryonic cultivar and trees propagated by seed are very heterogeneous in fruit shape, colour and quality.

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The trees are large/vigorous and of pyriform growth habit.
Depending on  location, harvesting seasons  are  from  December  to  the  beginning  of March;  the  yields  are medium .


  • Free from fibers
  • Small/medium seed size
  • Early cultivar of excellent fruit quality


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