Curb importation of cheap eggs from Uganda, vet association says

The Kenya Veterinary Association has asked the government to stop the importation of cheap eggs.

The organisation urged the government to lower the cost of production for animal feeds and drugs.

KVA chairman Samuel Kahariri said Kenyan farmers are being pushed out of business by cheap egg imports, particularly from Uganda.

“Our farmers say the cost of producing an egg is Sh7, yet they are supposed to sell it at Sh10 to realise profits,” Dr Kahariri said in Kisumu.

He added that a Ugandan farmer produces an egg at Sh4 and can sell it for Sh7.

“We are driving the Kenyan farmer and suppliers of inputs out of the market,” Dr Kahariri said.

However, Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Andrew Tuimur said the Kenya cannot go against the East African Protocol.

“It is a liberal market. All we can do is ensure that the imports meet the required standards,” Dr Tuimur said.
He added that the government would ensure the cost of production reduces.

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