Chillies exports have been banned because the Plant Quarantine Services Zimbabwe failed to comply with the EU regulations.

Chillies exports from zimbabwe

Currently, no (mandatory) entry can be declared with regard to False Coddling Moth (FCM) as no pest-free production locations have been communicated with the European Commission.

In 2022, the EU introduced new legislation to amend plant health rules covering False Codling Moth (FCM, Thaumatotibia leucotreta).

FCM is listed as a priority pest under EU plant health regulations ((EU) 2019/1702). Unfortunately, as this pest has been intercepted on several host plants in recent months during EU border controls, stricter rules have now been introduced.

The new requirements target, in particular, countries that have been using options to export under FCM-free places of production (option C), or a systems approach for FCM control (option D).

The regulation introduced new FCM-related rules for the following crops:

Revised import requirements for fruits of Capsicum, Citrus (other than Citrus aurantiifolia Citrus limon), Prunus persica, and Punica granatum (point 62 of the annex)

What the Plant Quarantine Services MUST do.

1. The NPPO must send a list of production site codes in advance in writing to the European Commission (EC)

2. Details of the systems approach (or the post-harvest treatment method) for FCM must be communicated in advance to the EC together with documentary evidence of its effectiveness.

3. Prior to export, the fruits must be inspected (by the NPPO) for the presence of FCM, including destructive sampling of 10% of the visually inspected fruits

4. For every consignment, the code for the production site must be included on the phytosanitary certificate. (Alongside the description of the product, you must write the unique identification number or name of the approved production site).

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5. In the Additional Declaration, the NPPO must copy and paste the Option selected by the country.

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