How to make low cost homemade supplement for dairy cows

Advantages of homemade supplement

  • Same quality as commercial dairy meal
  • Inexpensive compared to commercial dairy meal
  • Acceptable to the cow
  • Easy to handle and process.


A cow fed on grasses alone cannot achieve its full milk yield potential hence there is need to give supplementary it feeds.
Commercial supplements such as dairy meal are estimated to cost about 20 % of the total cost of milk production hence reducing the farmer’s profi ts. Making dairy supplements in Kenya using locally available and less expensive feeds can help farmers to realize higher milk yields at a lower cost of production.

Home made dairy supplement

For the supplement to be useful to the cow it must contain balanced proportions of energy, protein and minerals.

Examples of high energy feeds

  • Maize germ
  • Wheat pollard
  • Molasses
  • Maize bran
  • Wheat bran

High Protein Feeds

  • Lucerne hay
  • Cotton seed cake
  • Soya bean meal
  • Sunfl ower seed cake
  • Sesbania leaves
  • Calliandra leaves
  • Fish meal.

Sources of Minerals

  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Limestone
  • Rock phosphate
  • Mineral Premix.

How to Mix the Dairy Supplement

1: Ordinary supplement
To make 100 kg of the supplement use:
  • 75 kg energy feeds
  • 23 kg protein feed
  • 2 kg minerals.
For example:
  • 57 kg Maize germ
  • 18 kg Wheat pollard
  • 17kg Lucerne hay
  • 6 kg Soya meal
  • 2 kg Dicalcium phosphate.
2: High yielder dairy supplement
To make 100 kg of the supplement use:
  • 68 kg energy feeds
  • 30 kg protein feed
  • 2 kg minerals.
For example:
  • 50 kg maize germ
  • 16 kg wheat pollard
  • 2 kg molasses
  • 14 kg cotton seed cake
  • 12 kg lucerne hay
  • 4 kg fi sh meal.
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