WHY BEES? Leverage your land resource to increase profits easily, and save the environment

That bees are critical to the survival and prosperity of this planet, is a statement that can be hardly contested.

Infact Bee venom is 7 times more expensive than Gold

Bees play a pivotal role in the growth, and development of natural habitats. In fact, expert agronomists argue that one in every three bites of food we daily consume is a result of the action of bees.

You see, bees are expert pollinators and their activities account for 86% of the food we eat, and about 90% of all natural vegetation through cross-pollination. Bees undoubtedly help in preserving natural plant communities by ensuring production of seeds in flowering flora.

Indeed bees have been of use to man from prehistoric days, with evidence depicted recently-discovered in artwork from Spain, Ancient Egypt, and even Israel, depicting beekeeping activities in the ancient world. In fact, the honey bee was the official hieroglyphic symbol of Lower Egypt!

In Crete, bees were depicted in religious symbolism as it represented powerful deities—the leading Mother Goddess.

Increased Farm yields

Farmers have attested to sharply increased yields immediately after incorporating bees in their farms. Because of the ease of cross-pollination, agriculturalists planting fruits have especially seen growth because of bees. This is because bees increased yield per acre, and benefit neighbouring farms through pollination.

But that’s not all. Modern beekeeping hives are modest in cost, and are easy to set up and maintain, and require relatively little input when established. In the same breadth, with a good professional honey and beekeeping supplier, you get to access quality training in apiary management.

Honey, Beeswax, and Royal Jelly

Honey and beeswax, are royal jelly are primarily produced by bees. And their applications abound.

Honey is a superfood, and is a popular sweetener across cultures in the seven continents. In fact, pure natural honey does not expire. Honey is used a base for many medicinal treatments across cultures. For instance, some health professionals recommend it for weight management as an active fat burner, even when you sleep. Research has shown that honey increase metabolism and thus good for weight loss.

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Honey has strong antioxidant properties that not only help in reducing pains in sores, boils, and even sore throats, honey actually has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties that help in boosting immunity.

Applied directly to skin, honey’s antibacterial properties are good for keeping eczema at bay in new-borns and young children. Furthermore, its cosmetic values about as many attest to the fact that is a natural and healthy alternative to chemical face smoothening creams and other beauty products.

Honey is a natural remedy for dandruff, and some testify to its use as a sleeping aid.

Beeswax is an important ingredient in many skincare products. Produced by honeybees, this natural wax provides a natural defence against irritants by providing a balm effect, while allowing the skin to breathe. This is so, given beeswax’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that make a potent treatment and a salve for skin relief.

Beeswax also boasts of many industrial applications: it’s a great anti-corrosion agent, used in making iron products last longer by applying it directly to their surfaces. Beeswax is significantly used in the cheese making industry by acting as a cover for different kinds of cheese. It serves as a wood lubricant and is used in manufacture of waxed threads, making sewing on tough surfaces like leather easier.

Royal Jelly is a rich source of protein that’s produced and is used as a primary source of food and nourishment for the queen bee’s larvae. It’s applications are abundant in the medical industry as a treatment for common problems and ailments. Because it’s full of amino acids and essential minerals, royal jelly is extensively used in treating fertility problems and is good for easing menopausal pains.

Some studies suggest that it is useful in treatment of cancerous tumours, asthma treatment, liver disease and hay fever. It’s regal name indeed justifies it’s numerous uses.

Modern Beekeeping Methods – Langstroth Beehives

In order to maximize profits, and get the most of bee by-products, farmers are encouraged to abandon the ineffective, unprofitable traditional beehives for modern beekeeping equipment like Langstroth beehives.

Local based beekeeping and apiary management experts like Savannah Honey Limited help farmers in Kenya to leverage their idle land resources by adopting bee farming. These modern beekeeping equipment minimise losses during honey harvesting, and even destructive of hives and bee colonies—a reality in the dated traditional practices. Furthermore, as farmers you get ample training in modern beekeeping methods, to become competent and resourceful apiary practitioners.

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The additional benefits to the environment and natural farming are evident.

Direct Economic Benefits

At the time of writing, Kenyan currently imports over 80% of honey consumed locally both domestically and for industrial purposes. This translates to a significant gap that needs to be profitably filled. The cost of a kilo of honey has been rising steadily over the past 6 years in the international market.

Royal Jelly is highly in need but its not commercially produced in Kenya.A kilo costs around kshs 40,000

Propolis is a sticky residue bees make from mixing bee saliva and beeswax and is used to protect and seal off hives from intruders and from leakages. It has numerous uses in the manufacture of cosmetics, lozenges and salves, ointments and many more. Propolis currently fetches between US$30 to $70 in the international market.

Bee venom is a powerful irritant and inflammation agent that bees use to protect themselves and fend off intruders, and predators. It is a compound of the toxic substance melittin, some amines and histamines. It has multiple applications being used a treatment for arthritis, neuropathy, migraines, paralysis, rheumatism and even multiple sclerosis, among others.

A gram of bee venom costs about KShs 8500 locally and about KShs 40,000 in the international market. This then makes the bee venom 7 times more costly than gold!

For more information, contact Savannah Honey Limited, and let us help you get started on a profitable path of beekeeping and apiary management.

We provide the langstroth hives and other beekeeping equipment,installation of the hives,provide the bees(colony division) for the uncolonised hives, provide monthly visits for technical support which includes Requeening,Colony strengthening and Apiary management to ensure maximum production.

We provide ready market through a 6 years contract for the honey,Propolis,Bee venom,Bee pollen and the Royal Jelly.

We currently offer Apiary management services to our clients which allows them time to concentrate on their work.

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Contact savannah Honey today and invest for the MONEY IN THE HONEY

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