Steps to Get Plenty of Chicks From 3 Indigenous Hens

Very many people think that for you to be a successful poultry farmer you have to start with a thousand chicken. Don’t be fooled. The likes of the late Nelson Muguku the Kenyan chicken billionaire started with less than 10 chicken. It all boils down to passion. Do it with passion. Let money come second. You can multiply your stock quickly using only 3 hens. This is for the small-scale farmers who have small sizes of land, live in town or low income earners.

Start by doing this using only 3 hens:

  • Once the first hen shows signs of brooding give it one unfertilized egg from hybrid chicken to sit on.
  • Once the second hen also shows brooding signs give it one unfertilized egg from a hybrid chicken to sit on.
  • When the third hen now shows signs of broodiness give each bird 10-12 fertilized eggs to sit on but remember to remove the unfertilized egg you had earlier put for the two hens.
    Using this method you will be able to get atleast 20-25 chicks after 21 days.That’s why I usually emphasize on starting small .Never despise humble beginnings.


  • Eggs for hatching should not exceed 2 weeks of age. Hatching rate reduces after two weeks.It’s better to consume them(Kenyans leave nothing to wasteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
  • Dirty or cracked eggs should not be used for hatching because of high chances of contamination by bacteria.
  • You can buy eggs from other farmers if your birds don’t have enough eggs or if your eggs are more than 2 weeks. Make sure the source of eggs is from a trusted farmer.You don’t want to have cases of inbreeding in your farm do you?
  • Hatching eggs should be kept in a well aerated place.The eggs have small pores and need to ‘breath too.’
  • Store hatching eggs in a tray or a box filled with clean soil. If using a box cut it halfway and fill it with soil.
  • Store your eggs with the sharp ends facing downwards because of the air space on the broader end which needs to ‘breath’
  • Don’t touch hatching eggs with moist hands or oily hands. This can block the pores or contaminate the eggs.
  • Eggs for hatching should be collected twice a day from hens.In the morning and mid-day.
  • Write the dates of laying and egg number on the egg using a pencil.
  • Clean the dirty eggs using a cloth soaked in surgical spirit or a slightly damp cloth. Don’t wash eggs for hatching.
  • Have laying boxes in the poultry house in such a way that each box can accommodate 3 laying birds. During brooding you can choose one laying box for brooding. Make sure you leave an egg there to attract a hen and necessitate brooding. You can use an old basket and place banana leaves inside.
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I believe anyone can be a poultry farmer if he or she chooses too. You don’t have to have much money for you to keep chicken. Three hens can even give you more than 100 birds in a year believe it or not and the feeding costs for 3 hens are not as high. Just be patient and have vision on what you are doing and you will succeed and maybe give me a tray of eggs or roasted chicken when I visit you as a successful farmer. That’s all for today beloved people.

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