As a dairy producer, you can add extra value to your milk by processing and marketing your own products, such as cheeses, bottled milk, yoghurt, ice cream or butter.

Value-added products can help your farm become more viable, earning high income. However, there are more risks involved when selling value-added versus marketing directly to your local milk cooperative.

When considering the production and marketing of value-added dairy products, you have to take into consideration the capital, time commitment and market share.

Some important questions to ask yourself:

What product do you intend to sell?

Who is your target audience and how will I market the product?

Are my location(s) convenient to the consumer?

What is the profit potential of the product?

How much will the consumer pay for the product?

How will I demonstrate the quality of the product?

At Egerton University, farmers can take classes, or attend seminars on making the products that you are interested in marketing. Food technologists can also offer guidance on the processes and production of milk products.

Careful business planning and adhering to KEBS regulations will also ensure the success of your new venture.

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