In the tropical fruit greenhouse of Kaitaiyu Base in Jinshan District, Shanghai, the farm has built a special greenhouse, which adopts the new breeding mode of “double greenhouses plus double films + a combination of planting and breeding”. In this way, although it’s cold in the winter, the temperature in the greenhouse can be kept at 10Β°C and even above, and the greenhouse can be rich in oxygen, just like a natural oxygen bar.

“The base has built a double model to create an environment with heat preservation, moisture retention, and high oxygen.” Zhang Xinwan, head of the base, said that the water in the base can develop a fishery, support some aquatic plants, purify the water quality, and absorb excrement from fish, shrimp, and crab, and then use the aquatic plants as fertilizer for land plants so that recycling can be realized. Bananas can grow naturally here.

In the banana greenhouse, there are many different kinds of bananas. The entire banana greenhouse covers an area of ​​nearly 2 hectares, and the largest banana tree can produce nearly 50 kilograms of bananas. β€œBecause bananas are mostly grown in tropical regions, and there are currently no natural enemies, diseases, and insect pests in Shanghai, no pesticides are required, and they are harvested naturally after ripening, and the taste will be sweeter and waxier.” According to the person in charge.

Source: ncwxjt

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