Soon Kenya will have two massive fertiliser plants to supply the county and the region needs. No more imports.

fertiliser plant nakuru kenya
A picture of a similar Fertiliser plant that is being built in Nakuru

Fertiplant East Africa Limited (FEA) will install and operate a Sh1.7 billion NPK fertiliser plant in Nakuru. The plant is expected to start operations May 2017. It shall have a capacity to produce 100,000 metric tonnes of NPK Fertilizers when in operation. Titus Gitau, Executive Director at Fertiplant said once operational, the plant would create 1 000 direct jobs and cut the cost of fertilisers by up to 70 per cent.

“The Nakuru plant is currently under construction and is set to be one of the most attractive and prestigious facilities in East Africa. It is one of a kind in Sub Saharan Africa and will be a major step towards bridging the gap between local production and imported fertiliser. It will also bring stability and continuity on supply of fertilisers in Kenya,” said Gitau.

Fertiplant is owned by MEA Ltd which currently operates a dry bulk fertiliser blending plant in Nakuru with an installed capacity of 300,000 metric tonnes per year which covers the demand and NPK fertilizer requirements within the region. Fertiplant East Africa is setting up a Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), fertiliser (NPK fertiliser) production plant in Nakuru.


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