There are diseases that goats seem to commonly suffer from. As a goat owner, you need to make sure that you are aware of them and do what you can to prevent them.

If you are not properly educated on goat health and diseases, you could end up wasting your time and money.

If you can’t keep them healthy and alive, your investment will be largely be wasted. While you will not be able to prevent every type of illness and/or ailment, if you know what to watch for, you will be able to recognise serious or even deadly symptoms and get help for your goat(s) before the situation gets dire.

Some of the diseases you must look out for are, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), coccidiosis, bottle jaw and foot and mouth disease among others.

Symptoms associated with this disease include swelling in the knees, weight loss, pneumonia, hard udders and coughing. The goat will need to be separated from the other animals. They may also need to see a veterinarian.

This disease is caused by parasites. Stressed and young goats are most susceptible. Diarrhea, often with blood, is common. The goat(s) may also suffer from dehydration, lose weight and develop a fever. Biosol is generally given in order to remedy this disease.

Foot and Mouth disease
This is a viral disease. When it occurs, the goat generally develops blisters on their tongue, hooves, teats and lips.

They may also salivate heavily and can become lame. Animals that are diagnosed with Foot and Mouth Disease are put down.

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Bottle Jaw
Bloodsucking worms can cause Bottle Jaw in goats. When it occurs, the goat’s blood vessels begin to leak into other parts of their body, generally, the lower half.

The jaw and face will swell and the gums may change colour. When this occurs, the goat will need to be dewormed.
They may also need to be administered vitamins and iron. Antibiotics may also be necessary.

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