I am interested in rearing rabbits at my parentsโ€™ farm in Ngong. However, I donโ€™t know where to start. How much capital do I need? Where will I buy the rabbits and later sell?


To start a rabbit enterprise, you should consider the following factors; space available, production purpose, system, source of feeds and market. Unlike large animals, rabbits require a small area to keep.

Additionally, their cages can be built in tiers to maximise space. Whatever the design one opts for, comfort and security against predators should be guaranteed. It is advisable to use locally available materials to reduce the cost of construction.

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Rabbits can be raised for a myriad of purposes, among the most common being meat and pelt production and breeding. Whichever the production purpose, a ready market should be guaranteed to ensure a profitable enterprise.

It is advisable to keep medium-sized rabbit breeds for meat production unlike the bigger ones. This is because medium-sized breeds mature early, have higher meat-to-bones ratio, higher prolificacy, are easier to manage and are cheaper to feed.

They include California White, New Zealand White and Chinchilla, among others. Sourcing of initial stock can be done from government livestock institutions (like Ngong Veterinary Farm) and local farmers.

Price per rabbit ranges from Sh300 to about Sh4,000 depending on the source and breed. Consider seeking contracts with hotels that serve rabbit meat and supermarkets that have butcheries especially in urban areas when looking for market. You can as well open a rabbit meat butchery in Ngong if capital allows and add value to the meat to reap more.

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