For us farmers in Kenya the most exciting time of the year is April. We have just been through three months of hot, dry, weather and now the rains have started on various parts of the country. For us it means time to bring the farm back to its best.

Hass avocado seedlings – 0724559286 / 0790509684

The first priority is to prepare the holes for planting, this is after soil test followed by proper timing on the rains for planting. As by doing this we hope you have already purchased or placed your order on hass avocado seedlings, if not by now, get intorch with Farmers Trend Nursery by calling 0724-559286 or 0790-509684 to order your hass avocado seedlings.


Hass Avocado Seedlings

We sell quality
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At only ░1░5░0░k░s░h░s░
To Place Your order, contact us via 0̲7̲2̲4̲-̲5̲5̲9̲2̲8̲6̲ ̲o̲r̲ ̲0̲7̲9̲0̲-̲5̲0̲9̲6̲8̲4̲
Nursery based in Nairobi and Muranga though deliveries can be arranged countrywide.
We also do site visits and offer planting services per acre as a package that includes.
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contact us via +???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????? +???????????? ???????????????????????????????????? or Via Email: ????????????????@????????????????????????????????????????????????.????????.????????

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