Kenya is at the start of its hass avocado peak season. The peak season for Hass fruits is about to commence in the first week of March, with big volumes infiltrating the market from mid-March.

โ€œSincerely speaking, there has been little rain in the months of December and January. This has adversely affected the overall Avocado production for this season, and yields might be lower as compared to the previous year. Favorably, if we receive adequate rainfall in the coming months, we hope to have a better second crop later in the season,โ€ says Jack, Business Development Manager at Avodemia Limited from Kenya .

โ€œKenyaโ€™s avocado season runs from March to October. These are really the peak months for Kenyan avocado exports. Last year we benefited from a strong season. Exports to China just opened for Kenyan avocados, and we established new clients in China,โ€ Jack explains.

He continues: โ€œWe had no idea of the logistics and requirements entailed in shipping fresh avocados to China but having done a few consignments last season, we now have a clear picture of what is required of us. Chinaโ€™s GACC have to license each individual orchard, packhouse and Exporter of which we have met and complied with the protocol requirements. We currently have more farms in our program, hence we’re in a stronger position to export to China than we were this time last year.โ€

Chinese importers are primarily sourcing Hass avocados. In addition, Avodemia Limited not only grows Hass but Fuerte avocados as well. For this crop, i.e., Fuerte, the company is looking for buyers in other regions.

โ€œIn addition to fresh avocados, we have developed a range of avocado products, including avocado oil, both crude and virgin,โ€ says Jack: โ€œFinally, we are looking to enter the international mango market this year. We grow Apple, Ngowe and Kent mangoes in Kenya. Kenyaโ€™s mango season starts in Mid-October to around January.โ€

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Hass Avocado production in Kenya

Kenya is an equatorial climate country. Most counties in Kenya receive a minimum of two rainy seasons. If there is adequate rain, Kenya has year-round avocado production. Hass avocado grows well in altitudes between 1000m to 2000m. The optimum temperature is 20 to 24 degrees Celsius.

Most of the Kenyan avocado farmers are found in Murangโ€™a, Kiambu, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Embu, Meru (the entire Mount Kenya region) and Kisii. The other regions where avocado farming is fast growing include Nakuru, Nandi, Bomet, Uasin Gishu, Trans- Nzoia, Bungoma, and Siaya counties. Avocados also do well in certain areas in Machakos County.

Avodemia Kenya is preparing for this yearโ€™s export season and actively looking for partners globally, not only in China but other regions.

Article Credit: Fresh Plaza

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