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The African army worms now spreads to Kwale County destroying crops.

Army worms have invaded farms in Kwale County destroying crops.

The African army worms, which invaded farms in Lunga Lunga early March, have spread to Shimba Hills.

The county Agriculture director David Wanjala said his department is making efforts to control the spread of the worms.

He said the county has allocated money to buy more chemicals to fight the pests.

“We encourage farmers to continue spraying their farms as we try to look for more resources,” he said.

Mr Wanjala said his department is organising public barazas to create awareness and give farmers tips on how to stop the pests from spreading.

“We are working closely with chiefs, ward administrators and extension officers to successfully deal with the insects,” he said.

He asked farmers to pool resources and buy the required chemicals as opposed to resorting to traditional methods such as smearing cow dung on affected crops.

He asked farmers to report to agricultural officers or the chiefs once they spot the worms.

Mr Wanjala said the pest could resort to attacking sorghum, rice and even ordinary grass after wiping out all maize crop.

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