Are you starting a farming project because of the hype you see on social media or youโ€™ve done the necessary research?

With regards to farming social media has had a huge influence on people embarking on projects which are then abandoned due to a number factors and what was deemed to be easy is something else on the ground .

Farming is not a quick cash venture, be ready to take this journey!

When ever starting a new business line or product line . Please do your research. Visiting farmers with experience in this field will be extremely helpful

You may begin by consulting various experts who provide that service.

So you have an idea and can see what your budget will allow you !

Others will tell you start small but what is small? You are starting a business and not a hobby. Start with viability and work your way up !

  1. Assess the risks involved and find ways you will manage the risks.
  2. If you donโ€™t have the resources donโ€™t strain yourself and the crops/animals because you cannot afford to manage them.
  3. Remember this is an investment so you will need to be ready to finance your project from start to finish. With the initial cost being higher.
  4. Be trainable , get your workers trained especially the ones who will play a major role.
  5. Be ready to experience a few challenges, cause they are going to come !
  6. Be ready to market your goods itโ€™s easy to produce and when your product is ready for sale you have no clue how to sell it where itโ€™s sold !
  7. Even if you make losses analyze what went wrong and which parts should be corrected .
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In every business there a number of loop holes which Iโ€™ll be able to explain soon !

Happy weekend and please donโ€™t follow hype on social media , be sure of why you want to start a particular business !

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