We grow different crops in our farms and for some crops we do direct seeding yet for some crops we MUST start with a nursery bed then proceed to transplant the seedlings.

Why start with a nursery? everything to do with value for money.

1. Germination percentage – Most seeds especially horticultural crops seeds e.g tomatoes,Onions,cabbage nowadays come in seed count not grams and kgs thus where possible every seed MUST count. So why purchase 250,000 seeds of hybrid variety bury them in a poorly established nursery bed and get less than 50% germination ? of-course you can improve on nursery establishment practices and achieve better germination percentage but a professional seedling propagator will give you a guaranteed 75% germination of-course at a reasonable fee

2. Healthy seedlings-You need strong and vigorous seedlings ,not weak and sick ones.Damping off is a common disease which attacks seedling and crops at establishment stages.We have many fungal diseases which cause alot of harm on your seedlings in your kienyeji nursery bed like downy mildew most because of the population,spacing and other factors to do with practices

3. Weed- Seedling competition-Professional seedling propagators use weed seeds free medium to propagate seedlings i.e peat moss,coco peat,they don’t use soil. Your seedlings need to grow and establish themselves in a weed free medium for many reasons.

4. Labour and nursery management efficiency-you will cut on labour costs (skilled, unskilled or Juakali) by sourcing progagation services from seedling propagators.

BY: Geoffrey Kavita


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