What is an offset smoker and how to purchase the right one?

Smokers are pretty much normal within homeowners these days. Almost every homeowner owns a smoker – but what about offset smokers? It is a classic smoker design. This type of smoker is also one of the most popular designs out there in the market.

Multiple briskets can be handled with an offset smoker. Given the different shelves, multiple racks of ribs can be handled as well easily. These smokers are highly popular which means there are several options to choose from the market.

Here are some factors to take into account when purchasing the right offset smoker:

  1. Heavy gauge metals

If you want to experience better heat retention, then go for a thicker metal. It also means that lesser fuel will be used. The chances of metal warping over time will also be reduced. This can be specifically important during the colder climates. However, if the metal is too thick, it might take a longer time to warm up. The response to temperature changes will be slow compared to other metals.

  1. Quality of seals

This is another important factor to take into account. If the smoker will not have the right quality seal, it will leak the smoke and heat. The ultimate result is using more fuel. This also means that you will lose smoky flavour. Make sure all the doors are being checked and there no gaps. You can go visit Project Smoked (our site has smoker reviews, guides, recipes, how to articles on smoking and so much more).

  1. Temperature gauges

If you are conducting a BBQ without a temperature gauge then it means you are conducting BBQ in a blind manner. A quality thermometer is needed if you want more control over temperature and understand what is happening under the hood in a better manner. If you have the ability to monitor internal temperature without the need to opening the hood, then you will not lose smoke. There will be no need to interrupt the cooking.

  1. Sturdy build

One of the major complaints that many users have of the smokers is lack of durability. BBQs are heavy, big and when something is being cooked, it is hot. If you want to keep things safer, then it is imperative to have a smoker with a strong and sturdy built. Look smokers that feature strong wheels, legs and hinges. Strong and sturdy built is one of the major things you must take into account when choosing an offset smoker.

  1. Warranty

This is the final factor to take into account when purchasing an offset smoker. Since you are investing in it, you should get more and more meals out of it. Warranty is something that will give you peace of mind. It will protect from all the potential manufacturer faults.

The bottom line

Even though above is not an exhaustive list, it contains most of the important factors to consider before making your final selection of offset smoke

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