Agriculture is an important economic activity in Africa. On average, agriculture accounts for 32% of gross domestic product and employs 65% of the labor force across the continent. In some countries, it contributes over 80% of trade in value and more than 50% of raw materials to industries.

A case study in Kenya,(My country) 75% of the population largely depend on agriculture either directly or indirectly. The sector contributes to 35 % of the countriesโ€™ gross domestic product and constitutes up to 40% of the export earnings.

Despite being a crucial sector in most African states, agricultural productivity in the continent is low. This low yields could be as a result of the ever changing climatic conditions, poor cultivation methods and above all the ever political instabilities within most African countries. These have resulted to food insecurity among the African states.

The Leadership of the continent has to do something about these challenges, or else we could face a big food and nutritional crisis in future. Agriculture is very vital in both the social and economic empowerment of a state. With Good agricultural practices, there is increased yield, thus ensuring not only availability of enough food, but also a good diet for the people, which could help reduce the nutritional diseases which are common in the continent.

The leaders need to focus more on methods that will increase the productivity, which include but not limited to, empowering farmers with knowledge, providing agricultural inputs at subsidized prices and above all ensuring good storage of the produce after harvesting. Times have changed, it is high time we move from the normal traditional farming methods and embrace new technologies which play a major role in enhancing agricultural productivity.

For the future of Agriculture, the youth have to be given opportunity and trained on the importance of embracing agriculture as the future socio-economic activity. The youth are the future and therefore they should be involved in making policies concerning the sector. A food secure Nation or continent is a healthy nation.Yes we can make it, produce enough for our own and even export.

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Good agricultural practices will not only ensure high yields through improved prodcutvity,but will also improve the continents economy through creation of Jobs,industrailisation and foreign exchange earned through export of the agricultural commodities.Come,let us save the future of our continent,let us ensure there is food security.



Consulting Agronomist at Inforgric Services.

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