Are you thinking of buying a water purifier? If you have already decided which one to purchase then go ahead and follow the steps in this water purifier buying guide in Kenya to purchase the right one for your water business as described by the marketing director of Tassmatt Agencies Ltd, Mr. Julias Mwaura

What should you do before buying Water Purifier?

To begin with, it’s important to understand that making a right choice is necessary while buying a water purifier in kenya for home or commercial use. If you do not consider it substantive then you may end up costing way much for a wrong product or either make a completely wrong choice as per your necessity. So let’s start the process. Tassmatt Agencies Ltd representatives will guide you through this process. Anyone wishing to purchase this system is free to contact us for further guidance via our direct email or by calling us +254 726410068. Below is an overview of the process and things to consider

Water Type In Your Area – Test

Firstly you should test the type of water supply in your premise. Whether it’s a hard or soft water.  We assist our clients on this, the customer only submits a water sample to our offices along spine road, just next to Naivas off Kangundo road for analysis and report.

Now how you will know about water type. There are two ways – one is to know the source of water supply and the other is to check the mineral content. You can also try it with your inner instincts. If the water smells or tastes bad, probably it is not fit for drinking.

But what if it is good in taste, can you completely trust your intuition and drink that water? A big ‘No’ because it might contain invisible or very minute particles that may affect the quality of water and lead to serious health disorders. So, the best way is to test the water through a TDS meter or water testing laboratories.

  • If the water type at your home is hard, then you should consider RO water purifier. If it is not hard, then RO is not required.
  • If the water contamination level is high then consider UV water purifier. But if the water is hard and contamination is also high then buy RO + UV water purifier.

Inquire On Available Water Purifiers ?

Water Purifier is important if the water tested is proven to be unfit for consumption. Otherwise, it is a risk to the health of your family or clients if on a commercial basis.  Thus, after examining the water debasement, the next approach should be to purchase the water purifiers.

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Nowadays, latest innovative technologies based on TDS are used to purify the water The most popular water purifiers are UV, UF, RO and other activated carbon-based purifiers. Depending on the test results, you should decide which purifier can serve you in a more protective way. At Tassmatt we help our buyers in making the right choice.

Which water purification system should You Use?

As stated above, the most popular water purifiers in Kenya are UV, UF and RO. Almost every brand is selling these three systems. It is up to the necessity to which water is required to be purified. Let us discuss which purifier is right for you:

  1. When to Choose UV Purifiers?

Choose UV purifiers in case you reside in rural areas and water supply in your area is through rivers. It might contain microorganisms that can cause water borne diseases.

  1. When to Choose UF Purifiers?

If the impurities in the water are visible i.e it contains twigs, mud and other small dust particles, UF is perfectly suitable for purification of such water. Another thing is it operates without electricity so it can be used in rural areas.

  1. When to Choose RO Purifiers?

Choose RO water purifier if and only if water contains dissolved solids like fluoride, arsenic, lead which causes serious health problems. When you test your water against contamination, check the range in which it contains metals like fluoride, arsenic, lead and if it is more than normal range, you have no other choice than RO water purifiers.

  1. When to choose gravity-based water purifiers?
  2. Gravity-based water purifiers are good to use in the case when you do not have installation facility.
  3. Secondly, if you reside as the tenant or you reallocate your home in a small period of time, you can opt for these types of purifiers.
  4. In the case when supplied to your home needs just dirt and germ purification.
  5. Water Source is municipal corporations or rivers. You can purify that water using UF or Activated Carbon etc

Installation & Warranty:

Each water purifier we sell at Tassmatt Agencies Limited has specific installation guidelines with free installation service.  Incorrect installation could lead to damage of purifier equipment. Another thing to consider is that you have to make arrangements to have purifier wall mounted in your kitchen area. Make sure the place chosen has enough space. Also, there should be continuous water supply to the water purifier at moderate pressure.

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Another important thing is warranty period. How long the water purifier stays in warranty and what type of services will be covered under warranty. All our equipment comes at an extendable warranty of 1 year.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Water Purifier.

Filtering Your Choices

Water purification technologies are advancing every day so it is important to understand which purifier is right for you. Nowadays, we all compare the prices online, read reviews for most popular products and then try to make a perfect choice. Well, that’s a great idea.  But still, you need to know how to filter your choice from a number of reputed brands and hundreds of water purification systems.

Here are few factors that will help you filter your choice while shopping online:

  1. Budget calculation: Basic RO or UV water purifier starts from KSh 2,000, it will go up to KSh 20,000. But if your budget is low, you can consider Chemical-based, the gravity water purifier.
  2. Daily water Intake: We recommend you to purchase an RO or UV based purification systems if the routine consumption of water in your family is very high. It will automatically pump water at a normal pressure from taps and thus provide you purified water.A storage tank of capacity 5-7 liter is good for a small family. In case you have a medium or large family, you will need a storage tank with a capacity of a 10-liter to serve a complete day.
  3. Annual Maintenance Cost: Annual maintenance is important for all kinds of purifiers. The maintenance cost of each category of purifiers in Kenya varies from brand to brand. UF and Ac based purifiers have very low maintenance whereas RO has a comparatively high maintenance cost. Most of RO and UV based systems come with a Filter Change, UV Bulb change Alarms that will notify you if there is a need to change the filters. Always change them in time, or they will stop functioning.
  4. Electric or Non-Electric: If you stay in an area where there is a constant electricity supply, you can purchase an RO or UV based systems without any doubt. All the RO, UV, and RO + UV Water Purifiers require a power supply to purify the water. Otherwise, UF filters are a good choice for areas with electricity outage.
  5. Contaminants found in your water: And most importantly,  choose the one based on the contamination that is found in the water supplied to your homes.
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Final Thoughts:

Ultimately the choice of a right water purifier depends majorly on the kind of impurities present in the water supplied to your house. Make sure you compare the products online, read the reviews, cross check the above factors and then make a right choice. Follow the guidelines mentioned in this article before buying a new water purifier in Kenya.

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