Governor calls for better access to maize drying facilities

“Some of the farmers are forced to dry their maize by the roadside because they have no other choices. There should be proper drying of maize in proper places,” says Trans Nzoia Governor Patrick Khaemba as he ackowledges that there is need to promote easy access to facilities of drying maize at an affordable price Countrywide.

“I have already availed two mobile dryers in Trans Nzoia County.  We hope that if we can get enough dryers across the County we can attain the (required) moisture content. However, proper storage of maize should also be available. Moisture content alone is not enough if you don’t have proper storage facilities,” Khaemba.

According to the Governor, if maize is well stored it reduces the chances of chemical contamination, and that silos are a good way of storing maize.

The Governor faulted the way maize is stored in Cereals Board stores, saying maize is exposed to high content of Aflatoxin, “I visited a store and found a whole store with huge amounts of maize in condition not fit for human consumption.”

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