Valencia Orange Seedlings

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Valencia oranges are medium in size, with a thin rind that is difficult to peel, and very juicy. The peel contains many oil glands, making gratings from the rind a delicious addition to many foods. The flavor is sweet. A good source of fiber, they also contain vitamin C, folate (vitamin B9), thiamine (vitamin B1), potassium, and antioxidants.


Are you ready to take a bite and get a mouth full of the freshest, juiciest, and sweetest oranges you can find, with a minimal amount of seeds? Look no further! A Valencia orange tree is easy to plant and taking care of one is a breeze. We are in luck because these sweet orange trees grow best in warm and hot regions in Kenya.


Valencia oranges are medium to large in size, averaging 7-10 centimeters in diameter, and are round to oval in shape. The thin rind is golden orange with a rough, leathery texture due to many prominent oil glands that contain fragrant essential oils. Underneath the surface of the rind, the white, spongy pith clings tightly to the flesh making the fruit somewhat difficult to peel.

The yellow-orange flesh is tender, extremely juicy, contains 1-6 cream-colored seeds, and is divided into 10-12 segments by thin membranes. It is important to note that sometimes a Valencia orange may go through a regreening process, which is when the fruit reabsorbs chlorophyll giving it hues of green even though the fruit is fully ripe. Regreening does not affect the flavor of the orange, and when ripe, Valencia oranges have a balanced, sweet-tart flavor.

  • Valencia oranges, known for their perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors, are ideal for juicing
  • They ripen in the warmer months, which sometimes causes a ripe orange to look slightly green at the stem end. This color change doesn’t affect f avor as they are still fully ripe and ready to eat
  • Valencias contain over 100% of daily Vitamin C requirements, and are a good source of Folate
  • Eat this versatile fruit as a simple and refreshing summer snack, add it to fruit salads and yogurt, or use Valencias in your favorite recipes

Planting valencia orange seedlings

Plant your orange tree in a spot that enjoys full sun and adequate protection from the wind. To allow it to grow unhindered, your trees should be planted 4.5 to 6.5 metres apart from one another.

Size of valencia orange tree

An average, healthy valencia orange tree will reach a height and canopy spread of about 9 metres. However, these oranges can also be grown in a pot (55 litres at least). Orange trees do not like their roots to be disturbed. So, don’t plant other trees, bushes or flowers too near to them.

Soil Type

Valencia Orange trees need healthy soil that is well-drained. Add compost to the hole that you dig for your tree so that it is in prime condition to nourish the roots.  If you’re opting for a pot, use a good quality potting soil and a pot with drainage.


These trees thrive with mulch, which protects the roots and retains moisture. But, leave a gap between the stem or trunk of the tree and the mulch to avoid the trunk’s possibly becoming diseased.


Valencia Orange trees need to be well-watered regularly; those in pots even more so. Generally speaking, your orange tree should get 2.5 to 4 centimetres of water per week.


Give your orange trees the best chance by fertilising them well. Give each tree about 500 grams to 1 kilogram of fertiliser per year. The product you use should contain potassium and phosphorous, as well as other micro-nutrients. Nitrogen increases the oil content of the skin. You could also spray the leaves with a fertiliser once a year.


Your valencia orange tree will only need to be pruned to remove dead or diseased limbs, or to remove those that are too close to the ground (around 30 centimetres or less).


These trees can be harvested from spring to summer and usually continue to bear fruit for decades.  The orange should be fairly easy to pluck from the tree if you give it a gentle twist from the branch.




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