Superior Farms has invested its time and resources to bring a complete product to the consumers worldwide. They not only supply high quality, locally-grown American lamb, but they’ve also gone out their way to seek experts’ chef’s opinions on how to prepare the various parts they supply. Their pieces come readily packed to cook with the simple addition of seasoning and spices.

Lamb may not be as popular as chicken or beef. However, it’s versatile and can combine with various dishes and seasonings. Many people do not know how to go about the cooking after they’ve bought a piece. Luckily, Superior Farms has an available recipe for every part they sell.

Consumers can now confidently purchase Superior Farms American lamb and follow their simple recipes to come up with delicious lamb dishes. Gourmets can now sample an array of savory lamb dishes from a variety of methods available on What’s more, these recipes are uncomplicated and quick to prepare if you’re too hungry. Most of the recipes take only 20 minutes to cook.

This write-up will discuss some of the most popular recipes for preparing Superior Farms American lamb.

Why You Should Choose Superior Farm American Lamb for Your Lamb Recipes

Superior Farms is available in 26 States, and depending on the climate of the area, their small-scale farmers offer natural grains to the sheep or leave them free to graze. The natural feeding gives the American Lamb its unique flavor and not to mention health advantages.

Their packaging is user-friendly with sizable chunks that are ready to cook without further cutting. Besides all that, they have an array of recipes for various parts of the lamb such as loin chop, ribs, shoulder, ramp, rack, neck and shank.

Lamb Recipes

If you enjoy cooking for your family and have a passion for trying out different recipes, lamb dishes is a safe place to start. You can bring the white cloth restaurants lamb dish to your dining table, following these easy to make recipes.

  1. American Lamb Rib Chops Made with Pesto Fettuccine

The lamb rib chops is a flavorful dish made from lamb ribs and pesto sauce. Whether it’s for your family or you’re hosting a party, your family or guest will enjoy the ribs to the last bite.

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You will need a rack of American Lamb ribs cut out. Rub in the prepared pesto sauce and place on a medium coal grill. Remember to keep turning it after every few minutes to avoid burning.

As the ribs grill, prepare the fettuccine with the remaining pesto sauce. To intensify its flavor, add a handful of finely chopped garden mint leaves, half and half and some oil. After it’s cooked, place the grilled lamb over the now steaming hot fettuccine and sprinkle a generous amount of Parmesan cheese.

The dish takes approximately 15 minutes to prepare and a further 15 minutes to cook to medium rare. You may increase the time to have it done completely.


  1. American Lamb Loin Chops with Mango Salsa

With American lamb, there’s no limit to adventurous cooking. You can experiment with various ingredients and still get a delicious and unique lamb dishes. For this particular dish, you will need the loin part of an American lamb. Remember to remove the lamb from the deep freezer half an hour before preparing.

To marinate the lamb, use a mixture of cumin spice, black pepper, and brown sugar. Rub the mixture thoroughly on the meat and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

As the lamb marinates, prepare the mango salsa. You will need cubes of medium ripe mangoes, jalapeño, and mint. Mix the three ingredients in a different bowl and set aside.

Preheat your oven to medium heat and cook both sides of the lamb turning them every few minutes until you get to the desired doneness.  After it’s cooked, serve with the mango salsa on the side. The dish takes 20 minutes to cook and 15 minutes to prepare.

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  1. American Lamb Meat Balls Recipes with Mediterranean Dip

Meatballs is a quick way to introduce lamb to the family. They’re easy to make, delicious and familiar.

To make the lamb meatballs, add ground lamb in a blender with bread crumbs, one egg, thyme and sesame seeds for flavoring. Blend thoroughly into a smooth mixture.

Using your hand, cut out the pieces in the desired size and roll them on the palm to make balls.

Place the prepared balls in a baking tray and place in a preheated oven to cook on medium heat.

To make a Mediterranean dip, use lemon juice, fresh parsley, olive oil, a tin of chickpeas, and two cloves of garlic. Blend everything to a together, and you will have a tasty dip for your American Lamb meatballs. The meatballs cook in 12 minutes while the hummus dip takes 10 minutes to prepare.


American lamb is a treasured dish in many high-end restaurants. Many homes hesitate to make a lamb dish because they lack the knowledge of how to go about the preparation and the cooking. Superior Farms has solved the problem by giving free recipes to the public through their website.

The American lamb Board among other renowned steak chefs provides, verifies and supports superior Farms Lamb recipes. They ensure that the recipes are easy to follow and understand with simple language and readily available ingredients.

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