If you didn’t grow up on a farm and haven’t worked on one, you may be wondering how on earth you’re going to make your dream a reality. This is a very real concern. The reality may prompt you to consider another line of work because farming is hard, and farming as a business is doubly so!

On this article we highlight some of the rules that you MUST understand.

    1. Never target peak seasons, peak seasons come with their own challenges. Be a farmer not a gambler.
    2. Choose at least two main crops and a rotational crop plan. Jumping from one crop to another is not right to your pocket.
    3. Plan your farm and always have the crops at different age stages, to ensure constant supply.
    4. No crop that is not profitable, just master the pro and cons of a particular crop.
    5. Having a lot of many is not a licence to successful farming.
    6. Have a spray and fertilizer plan and stick to it.
    7. Never take advise from agrovets and agrochemical sales agent. Most of them are sales persons and not agronomists.
    8. Try as much as possible to cut down on farm expenditure without compromising on produce quality.
    9. Never hold back on a produce, if its a quick perishable product. Sell it at the prevailing prices.
    10. Never plant a new seed on large scale before doing trials unless you have seen it somewhere.
    11. Never entrust your million dollar idea against a farmhand, ensure you are present during critical stages of crop development untill marketing.
    12. Never employ a close family member to manage your farm, most of them will fail you.
    13. If you are neighbouring farmers plant same crop.
    14. Never apply any farming information you get online, without consulting your agronomist.
    15. Always have a farm plan.
    16. Old is always good. Most of the old seed varieties and chemicals will never disappoint you.
    17. Passion in farming is key and will take you far.
With this info on mind, you are set to go.

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