Farming in Kenya is starting to change from being a way of life into farming as a business; Agribusiness. We have all heard the success stories from Kenyansย  who either quit their job or decided to immediately start farming instead of looking for a job.

All these stories are quite inspiring and tempting to the common Kenyan and we all ask ourselves what can we do so that we can achieve the same results as those successful farmers we see on TV. Maybe you are earning a very low salary and you are thinking of quiting your job but then again if you quit your job you might find it difficult to find another job that can pay you your current salary. Well I have only one advice that I hope will guide you in making the right decision in regard to either keeping your job or engage in farming

Take the risk

If you have enough money saved somewhere, researched about farming and the activity you want to do, even you have done training then why donโ€™t you go ahead and see how it goes? If you do not take the risk you will never find out if you are good at it and generate the millions of money that you always dream about. Without risk there is no reward and in farming the rewards are usually very GOOD when you have done proper planning.

If you havenโ€™t saved any money from your salary, no knowledge whatsoever about farming and no basic training then its advisable that you persevere and wait it out until you have saved and researched enough. You might end up regretting your decision when you incur losses because you were not prepared. If you are not a patient person the you need to start being one because nothing ever comes easy in this world.

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For those who earn a good salary then you can balance between getting employed and operating your farm. With a good monthly salary, you can hire a farm manager to manage things for you at your farm. You can then visit the farm regularly to check on progress and financial records. The challenge of leaving your management to someone else who is far away from you is MIS-management! This is a common thing to many white collar farmers in Kenya. The best way to handle this problem to attend training workshops on how to manage your farm business from far so that you can get the knowledge on how to overcome this. If you are interested in joining such a workshop training let us know and we will connect you to one.

I hope this article has been of help to you.So which category do you fall into?

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