When a doe goes into heat, this is a sign that her body is ready to breed, therefore, females exhibit certain behaviors that signal males. This heat episode can last anywhere from a few hours up to four days. Itโ€™s more typical to see these briefer heats in younger does.

Understanding the signs of a goat in heat can help owners take measures to either prevent pregnancy or to provide breeding opportunities with a male goat or โ€œbuck.โ€

Here is the list of signs a goat is in heat:

1) First, start paying extra attention to each doe while she is on the milk stand. You want to know what she โ€œnormallyโ€ looks and acts like. This way, when her behavior changes, you will know.

2) Extra tail wagging โ€“ you have probably noticed that your goats will wag their tails some while eating, scratching etc. We werenโ€™t sure that this would be easy to spot, I mean what constitutes as โ€œextraโ€? Well, if you have been doing #1 above, you will likely know what โ€œextraโ€ is. It is obvious that the does wag their tails more. They also wag them at different times like while they were eating their milk stand treat.) Swelling โ€“ often times when a doe is in heat you will notice her vulva (โ€œlady partsโ€ if we are being polite) will become swollen. By knowing what she usually looks like, it will be easier to see if she is swollen.

4) Discharge โ€“ your doe will likely have some vaginal discharge when she comes into heat. You may notice it just on her โ€œlady partsโ€, but it can also end up on the underside of her tail and tail hair.

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5) More Vocal โ€“ Goats are all relatively quiet. However, during heat cycles, does will many times become more vocal.

6) Wether detectors โ€“ if you have a wether in with your does, they may also be able to help you detect if your does are in heat. Wethers (even though they arenโ€™t in tact) will often start to exhibit buck-like behavior โ€” curling lips, clicking noises, mounting โ€” towards the does in heat.

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