Avocado with leaves and jar of oil on black background. top view
Avocado with leaves and jar of oil on black background. top view

MT Kenya Avocado Farms, a leading producer of cold-pressedย  extra virgin avocado oil and cold-pressed crude avocado oil in Kenya has increased its avocado oil production capacity. This is in response to increased global demand for both food grade and industrial avocado oil especially in Far East and Middle East countries. In addition to meeting the soaring demand, the company’s increased production comes as a huge economic advantage to the local small-holder farmers from which the company sources its fruits.

MT Kenya Avocado Farms uses two types of avocado cultivators to produce its high quality Kenya cold pressed avocado oil namely Hass and Fuerte. Hass is the lesser commonly grown avocado cultivar in Kenya. It has a harder skin and suffers less handling and post-handling disorders. It equally has better yield potential. On the other hand, Fuerte is a pear-shaped, medium-sized fruit that stays green even after ripening. The leathery-creamy fruit beats the Hass in its ability to stay fresh even at higher temperatures. MT Kenya Avocado Farms maintains high standards by sourcing fresh and mature avocados from smallholder farmers who go the extra mile to ensure proper care till harvest.


MT Kenya Avocado Farms’ cold pressed avocado oil extraction involves use of advanced proprietary technology that features crushing, kneading and centrifugal extraction. This ensures all solids and liquids are effectively separated during different phases to produce high quality cold pressed avocado oil.

The new move will see MT Kenya Avocado Farms increase its production of both cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil and cold pressed crude avocado oil by 30 percent. The emerald-green extra virgin avocado oil is excellent for frying as it has a high smoke point plus a marvelous taste. Cold pressed avocado oil is also an ingredient on many products, including hair conditioners, cleansing creams, bath oils and soaps as it is easily absorbed to the skin.

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Following the decision by MT Kenya Avocado Farms to increase its production of cold pressed avocado oil, the market can now be assured of steady supply of high quality avocado oil from Kenya. The company continues to hold in high regard the importance of innovation and as such is working relentlessly to ensure sustained quality and steady supply for its happy clients worldwide.


About Mt Kenya Avocado Farms

MT Kenya Avocado Farms specialises in Kenya avocado production with the main activities includingย  sourcing, value addition and distribution of avocado products such as fresh avocado fruits and cold pressed avocado oil. The company works with smallholder farmers, a noble initiative that translates to fair prices and sustainable economic empowerment for avocado smallholder farmers in Kenya.ย  The company operates as an independent division of Selina Wamucii (K) LTD

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