Dairy Farming In Kenya: The growth of the Kenyan dairy industry is private sector–led with participation of a large population of smallholder farmers and small traders linked in the value chain.

The expanding formal milk market is increasingly demanding high quality milk delivered at low transaction costs from these smallholders. Therefore, these smallholders will have to make strategic decisions to invest in external inputs given the fact that they operate on a small scale, their farm sizes are decreasing and produce insufficient feed resources, and the herds are one to three cows small with long calving intervals and low milk yields, about 5 to 7 litres a day.

Smallholder dairy farmers are under pressure to produce more milk with more efficient resource use and less impact on the environment, intensifying food production while ensuring the natural resource base on which agriculture depends is sustained, and indeed improved, for future generations.

In many parts of Kenya, small scale dairy farming is common. This can be attributed to increase in demand for milk due to increase in population in urban areas. Farmers sell milk through cooperatives, direct sale, brokers and processors.

On this article we highlight important topics every aspiring dairy farmer and those in the industry.

  1. The 8 Dark Side Of Being A Dairy Farmer

  2. Reasons for milk reduction on your lactating friesian cows

  3. Important Traits To Look For Before Buying Those Dairy Cows Advertised On Facebook

  4. How does one select the best bull to upgrade their cows to pedigree status?

  5. The secrets of producing high quality milk consistently

  6. Understanding Lactation And Feeding Strategies for High Producing Dairy Cows

  7. Why Purchasing That Malnourished Cow Might Not Be A Bad Idea

  8. A Bizarre Agricultural Technique Where Farmers Are Drilling Holes In The Stomach Of Cows

  9. Critical things you need to do in the first 24 hours after a calf is born

  10. A Complete Simple Guide On How To Buy A Good Bull Breed At An Auction

  11. A Super Dairy Breed That Adopts Well To Arid And Semi-Arid Lands Introduced In Kenya

  12. Precautions To Help You Unlock Success To Dairy Farming

  13. How You Can Make That Small Dairy Farm A Model Farm

  14. The Business of Dairy Farming – A Case for the Modern Dairy Farmer

  15. Causes and detection of abortion in cows

  16. How is dairy farming in Kenya? Here is a complete guide on dairy farming in Kenya

  17. Why twining occur in dairy cows, advantages and danger

  18. Changing retail environment a key factor to dairy industry growth

  19. Complete guide on Zero Grazing housing designs in Kenya

  20. Before purchasing a Dairy Cow, avoid brokers and consider this important points

  21. How to get the most from your dairy cow for maximum return on investment

  22. Step by step guide to silage making for more milk during dry season

  23. Major reasons why most “Modern Dairy farms” fail to make profits

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