I would like to farm capsicums, onions and cabbages on an acre. Please guide me on the costs, from production to maturity. I will use furrow irrigation.

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I share below the average estimates for your guidance.

Cabbage Farming

Cost of production per acre = Sh79,137. From an acre, you can get 14,500 heads and if sold at Sh20, then you get a gross profit of Sh290,000. Net profit= Sh290,000-Sh79,137 = Sh210,863.

Onion Farming

Cost of production per acre =Sh125,000. From an acre, you can get 14,000-18,000kg of bulb onions. A kilo goes from Sh40-Sh100.

Therefore, net profit if we use Sh40/kg as selling price will be from Sh560,000-Sh720,000. Gross profit will vary from Sh435,000 to Sh707,500.

Capsicum Farming

Cost of production per acre varies from Sh83,000 to sh200,000. You can get 130,000 capsicum pieces from an acre. If you sell each at Sh10, then the gross income will be Sh1.3 million.

Net profit will also vary depending on the cost of production.

Remember, for all the three crops, the yields you get will depend on the variety you plant, spacing used and good management practices.

The cost of production normally includes the price of seeds, fertilisers, chemicals, labour, and in your case, irrigation cost, which I have not included in all the calculations.

Carol Mutua
Department of Crops, Horticulture and Soils, Egerton University.

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