โ€œLast week I met up with my friend Gramps Morgan, a great Jamaican artiste as well as a business man. Gramps, a successful artiste as well as member of the band Morgan Heritage, graced my office with some goodies from his latest business venture. I was more than happy to discuss with him his passion which is music and something else you may not know about, farming.

Gramps is into the business of growing and importing indigenous Jamaican Scotch Bonnet pepper. He grows this pepper on 60 acres of land and is looking forward to expand to 120 acres. What amazes me is his entrepreneurial spirit and to do more than farm and export the peppers. Gramps processes the pepper and makes his own different sauces which are exported and also used locally in Jamaica.

Anyone who knows me knows how well I love chili on my food so I was pretty excited to hear his entrepreneurial journey. Gramps reminisced about the last time he was in Kenya courtesy of Capital FM in the company of other artistes. I was humbled to take them on a tour round my farm as I explained to them my passion for farming.

Farming is not a dirty job and has never been. The perception that itโ€™s for the old and retired is for those who donโ€™t seek to be successful or wealthy. Farming is lucrative and my friend Gramps agrees with me. He is trying to educate young Jamaicans and youth all over the world that there are many opportunities in farming and they can use these opportunities to better themselves.

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I have discussed farming on my #AskKirubi blogs advocating for the youth in Kenya and in Africa to embrace agriculture as a means to generate income. Itโ€™s unfortunate that many young people want quick money and quick results thus farming not being a suitable profession or business venture. Farming may require patience but the benefits are much more rewarding.

In Jamaica, Gramps Morganโ€™s Farm is the one of the most successful, exporting high quality peppers. He is a business guru and genius simply because he took up the challenge of farming after our time at the farm. He did not wait or sleep on the opportunity. He took positive action and this has resulted to his success in farming.

As Gramps and I sit and discuss how we will partner to bring this flavorable chilli pepper to Africa and Kenya, I would like to challenge you. No job or opportunity is too โ€˜littleโ€™ or โ€˜lowโ€™ for you to do and be successful. Itโ€™s all in the mind. Have a plan and see how that opportunity can make you successful. Positive action results to positive reaction.

Iโ€™m looking forward to visiting Jamaica and the Gramps Morgan Farms as well as my friend Gramps preparing a dish with his authentic Jamaican Scotch Bonnet sauce.

As you pursue white collar jobs and status in society, do not overlook entrepreneurship. Agriculture is our backbone; letโ€™s use it to develop our county, grow our economy and create employment.


The above feature by Billionaire Chris Kirubi was first published in Capital FMโ€™s AskKirubi forum. – The title has been altered

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