Under sink RO Purification systems are new products being distributed at a very cost friendly fee by Farmers Trend Kenya. We are advocating for clean and safe water for drinking and domestic use. Using these products is a sure way to protect your family from excessive chlorine and heavy metals that may be present in the municipal water supply system in addition to improving the general taste of your water.

Features of Under sink RO Purification systems:

  •  Safe water readily available to drink from the tap, for washing fruits, salads and vegetables
  • Easy to adapt to existing plumbing system in the house
  • Competitive pricing for high quality products
  • Spares and accessories readily available locally
  • The system guarantees a short pay back period considering current cost of bottled water
  • Family is sure of water quality and treatment process is in their hands
  • Product selection available to suit available space in your house
  • Treatment capacities ranging from 200 liters to3,200 liters per day
  • Minimal operation and maintenance costs
  • Products have the KEBS diamond mark of quality
  • Water has enhanced taste due to passes over granular activated carbon
  • Raw water supply is stripped off excessive chlorine, heavy metals and harmful organic materials
  • Units are de-mountable and can be moved as customer shift houses

Call us via 0724559286 or email [email protected]

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