Kilimo Biashara are programmes by Sme Resource Centre in Agribusiness that involve;


  • Contracted Farming: We engage interested agribusiness entrepreneurs enabling them get into Agribusiness rather than Agriculture. We have various programmes where one get the Agribusiness activity, Technical Assistance (Agronomical / Veterinary) Agri- insurance & most important Guarantee Markets for the produce both in crops & animals.
  • Agri – Finance: Sme Resource Centre provides agribusiness financing in kind to agricultural Entrepreneurs ensuring success in their ventures.
  • Agri – Insurance: Risk is a factor in life and agribusiness Entrepreneurs are encourage to ensure they cover themselves against risk involved in agriculture such as damages, flooding, crops & animals loss, Theft to name a few the Biashara Insurance Agency from Sme Resource Centre covers against all types of risk involved in agriculture.
  • Agronomical & Veterinary Support: Lack of technical professional information, skills and assistance are one of the major hindrance to success in agribusiness. SME Resource Centre has in-house agronomists and veterinary personnel’s teams ready to consult on your farm to assist you from starting & growing your agribusiness empire.
  • Soil Testing & Rehabilitation: Soil testing is the most important tool in Managing Soil fertility & knowing the soil pathogens it provides an accurate way of determining acidity, nutrient level & health of the soil and also identifying soil borne disease, we work in the rehabilitation process enabling crops to grow at optimal.
  • Agri – Training: Sme Resource Centre is involved in Agricultural & Agribusiness training equipping the farmers with the necessary technical & entrepreneurship skills for their Agribusiness enterprises.
  • Inputs, Seeds & Seedlings : Sme Resource Centre an appointed Distributor of Kenya certified seeds, also input supplies, farm equipment’s and tools with a wide variety of seedlings from vegetables, grafted fruits, trees.
  • Agri & Agro Processing Machineries: through our Miliki Biashara programme Sme Resource Centre has a range of machineries that are ideal for farming plus also agro processing we also provide transportation solutions in agriculture.
  • Land for Agribusiness: SME Resource Centre provides land for the uptake of the Kilimo Biashara programme. With ready available agricultural serviced land where we provide opportunities for interested individuals, groups, chamas (investment groups) to seamless get into our Kilimo Biashara programme that provided end-to-end solutions in various agribusiness activities up to marketing. One is able to purchase a complete package that includes the land plus the agribusiness activity.
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