Are you involved in agriculture? Do you want to directly contribute to improving the productivity of smallholder farmers in Kenya and the rest of East Africa.

Farmers Trend ( is an online agricultural information portal developed by a devoted youth to provide solutions to pressing issues affecting farmers in Kenya, like access to information, research and technology in farming, market trends and connecting farmers with potential market/buyers. We are much involved in supporting and enlightening the smallholder farmers appreciate modern farming skills, technology, value addition and diversification towards sustainable agribusiness.

Farmers Trend portal is visited by an average of 0.5 million individuals monthly, this are visitors with an interest in farming, are farmers seeking solutions, individuals involved in agribusiness and the likes. Farmers are already using our blog to make changes in their farms and their income and livelihood improving, new entrants have been  motivated by the success stories shared on our website and this might mean they can turn their farms into successful businesses and do much more than that.

Farmers Trend is entirely relying on partners in the agricultural sector, whether in development, research, agri-business or input supply. We are always looking for partners with good information that farmers can use to improve their livelihoods.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.

'[email protected] / [email protected]'


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