The farmers, who supply sugarcane to the factory, fear that the move will deny them the opportunity to work on the farms. They have appealed to both national and regional leaders to intervene and resolve the matter.

Sugarcane Farmers in Bungoma County protests to deployment of NYS to the Nzoia Sugar factory's nucleus farms.

The farmers’ representatives spoke during a forum in the Kand constituency. They said that the deployment of NYS personnel is unfair to the locals, who have been working on the farms for many years. They also said that the NYS personnel are not experienced in sugarcane farming and that their presence on the farms could damage the crops.

The farmers have called on the government to withdraw the NYS personnel from the farms and to give the locals the opportunity to continue working there. They have also said that they are willing to work with the government to improve the efficiency of the farms.

The NYS personnel were deployed to the farms in an effort to improve efficiency and productivity. However, the farmers’ protest raises concerns about the impact of the deployment on the local community. The government should carefully consider the farmers’ concerns and work with them to find a solution that is fair to all parties involved.

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