Sanaipei Tande is a Kenyan woman who has achieved success in multiple fields. She is a musician, actress, and farmer. Tande is passionate about all of her endeavors, but she has a special place in her heart for poultry farming.

Sanaipei Tande poultry farm

Sanaipei began farming as a way to supplement her income from her music and acting careers. However, she soon realized that she loved farming and that she was good at it. She now has a thriving chicken farm that supplies eggs and meat to restaurants and butcheries in her area.

Sanaipei is not afraid of hard work. She wakes up early every day to feed her chickens, collect eggs, and clean their coops. She also works hard to market her products and build relationships with her customers.

Sanaipei’s hard work has paid off. She is now a successful farmer who is able to support herself and her family. She is also an inspiration to other women who are thinking about starting their own farms.


In the video by CitizenTV, Sanaipei Tande, a famous singer and actress in Kenya, is introduced as the Greek star of the day. She is also a part-time farmer. The video shows her farm and how she takes care of her chickens. She also talks about the challenges of being a farmer in Kenya.

One of the challenges that Sanaipei Tande faces is meeting the demand for her chickens. She often has to turn down orders from restaurants and butcheries because she cannot supply them with enough chickens. This is because she does not have a large enough farm to raise enough chickens to meet the demand.

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Another challenge that Sanaipei Tande faces is the competition from other farmers. There are many other farmers in Kenya who are also raising chickens. This makes it difficult for Sanaipei Tande to sell her chickens at a competitive price.

Despite the challenges, Sanaipei Tande is passionate about farming. She believes that it is an important business that will never fail because people will always need to eat. She encourages other people to get involved in farming, especially if they have the land and the know-how.

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