Milk ATM Vending machines have seen a recent spike in popularity in as farmers in Kenya seek to cut out the middle man and sell direct to the consumer.

Whether it be community schemes set up to trade in farm produce, to vending machines or direct raw milk sales, farmers are grasping opportunities to cut costs and more importantly, turn a profit.

Besides the economic benefit, the milk vending machine has other advantages. Such a way of selling milk in the most hygienic and environmentally friendly. The Milk ATM machines – supplied by a Kenyan Company and 100% made in Kenya, Tassmatt Agencies Limited – preserves an optimal cooling temperature. During production of tanks, only materials that correspond to international standards for the food industry are used. The construction of the fresh milk vending machine allows to preserve all the flavor properties of fresh milk, all the benefit of this product – down to the last liter!

The milk vending machine is a compact complex, which includes a 150-2000 liter milk tank, an agitator, a cooling system, a dispensation area and a payment system.

Milk delivery is carried out automatically, and the machine is power-efficient and practically noiseless. This construction for sale of milk is equipped with an automatic washing system, which allows to keep the unit perfectly clean.

Consumer’s advantages of using the milk vending atm machine:

• Fresh natural product with no preservatives or other additives;
• Hygienic and environmentally friendly products;
• Easy to use;
• No queues;
• The machine can be used 24 hours a day, with no days off;
• Reasonable product price due to low operational costs and no long chain of middlemen;
• Use of the machine excludes negative effect of the human factor on the service quality.

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Advantages for the milk atm machine owner:

• Minimal space requirements;
• Easy to use;
• No salespeople;
• Low operational costs;
• Automatic notification system for the technical condition and quantity of product;
• Automatic control over the temperature conditions of product storage;
• Exact accounting and control over the sales process and volume of deposited funds;
• High mobility. If sales are low in a particular place, the milk vending machine can be easily moved to a different position, which increases its efficiency;
• Quick recoupment of the vending machine.

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