The model farm in Kenya funded by the Ministry of Agriculture will help strengthen food security in Africa, Minister István Nagy said at the project’s presentation on Friday.

The model farm in Kenya, built with the financing of the Ministry of Agriculture, was handed over

During the day, the minister also consulted with the ministers responsible for the blue economy and irrigation. Africa is a country of opportunities for our country in the field of agriculture, said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy, who discussed with Salim Mvurya, Kenyan Minister for Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs. He explained that we used to think that the seas have an inexhaustible resource, but this is not the case, which is why more and more emphasis must be placed on the development of the aquaculture sector. There are three serious opportunities for our country in cooperation with Kenya. On the one hand, we are implementing a model farm project, on the other hand, fish farming can be further developed, and on the third hand, our relations can be deepened in the field of educational and scientific cooperation. István Nagy reminded that back in 2020, our country signed an agreement with Kenya on a tied aid loan program, within the framework of which Hungary, among others, supports the implementation of fish farming projects. We hope that these investments are only the first steps, which may be followed by further developments.

During the day, the head of the ministry also discussed water management issues with Zacharia Mwangi Njeru, Kenya’s Minister of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation

At the meeting, István Nagy highlighted that it is crucial for strengthening food security to implement as many investments as possible in irrigation development. In this regard, our country is ready to share its knowledge and experience with its African partners. As an example, the minister cited the VízÐr technology, already proven in the fight against drought, which helps soils to eliminate the negative effects of climate change, with less irrigation. The head of the ministry also drew attention to increasing efficiency, because it is necessary to be able to irrigate a larger area effectively with the same amount of water. In the field of knowledge transfer, Hungary also wants the agricultural relations of the two countries to reach a higher level with scholarship programs and scientific collaborations, he added.

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