Farming ain’t for the faint-hearted. Ngoako has learned many tough lessons early in her career. She does, however, remain committed to love the land she was entrusted with.
As a beginner farmer, Sinethemba Ngoako knows all too well that farming can be rather ruthless. Often tragedy strikes when you least expect it – and the results can be emotionally and financially devastating.
“I never cried that much. I was completely heartbroken,” Ngoako says, recalling the moment when she realised that a neighbour’s cattle had destroyed her cabbages. She was just a month away from harvesting and just came back from a short trip.
“This experience set me back and I was just starting my farming journey. To start this business, I used money that I set aside for my studies and this really tore me apart. It felt like I had lost everything. I almost gave up.”
Thankfully, Ngoako (25) kept on going. Today, she is one of the rising farm stars and also a business management student at Unisa. Her studies teaches her that all businesses come with risks and losses. Nothing comes easy.

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