What is the difference between rabbit, chicken, sheep, goat, pig and cow manures in terms of ingredients, duration of releasing nutrients in the soil and crop yields?

Antony Towett

All livestock manures have different levels of the primary plant nutrients, namely nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Chicken manure, especially layers, has the highest nitrogen content while goat manure has the least. In terms of phosphorous, chicken manure also has a relatively higher amount compared to the others while sheepโ€™s has relatively higher amounts of potassium.

Chicken and pig manure have higher total nutrient values than cow manure. Chicken manure is rich in potassium and pigโ€™s in phosphorus.

Rabbit manure is higher in nitrogen and phosphorus than sheep, goat, chicken or cow manure.

Organic manures are generally slow releasers of nutrients compared with the inorganic fertilisers.

When choosing the appropriate manure to use for crop production, select the one that will supply most of the essential nutrients in relatively larger amounts.

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