When we talk of farming in Kenya, there are a lot things that many people do not know of. An example is pig farming in Kenya. It would be fair to say that many people did not know what pig farming entailed some years back.

Today, pig farming isย  considered to be one of the most lucrative business ventures in Kenya. People who are into pig farming can affirm that it is true. They will confirm that they have reaped quite attracting profits from pig farming.

The fantastic thing about this is thatย  pigs can be raised as a small venture just to provide your family with food and nutrition. Not only this but you also have the chance of expanding it to become commercial. What do we mean by this? All that we are saying is that you can be able to venture more into this business for profit making purpose.

What to consider before starting pig farming in Kenya

For people who want to start farming, they should consider pig farming in Kenya because of various advantages it has over the other farming. One of the best reason why pig farming is better is because it is relatively easy to start and work with.

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss on the things that you will need to know about pig farming. In the end of this article, you will be the one to judge and choose the form of livestock farming that you will want to start and manage.

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When it comes to pig farming, feeds is one of the things that should want you to work with this form of livestock farming. In many parts of the world, many people usually set their pigs free and let them roam scavenging for leftovers.

Many people in the rural areas do this but what they do not know is that, setting pigs free to roam about is against the law. What you should do is to always feed our pigs with the leftovers that you always have in your kitchen. If it is not enough, you can get the commercial feeds.

Benefits of Pig Farming in Kenya

Commercial feeds to many livestock farming boosts the growth of an animal and most importantly maturity. If you have no money to buy the commercial feeds, you can always walk up to the nearest restaurant or hotel near your farm and get the leftovers.

The products you will get from pig farming is also very worth it. As we all know, you can be able to get pork, sausage, ham, lard and many other profitable things from a pig. With all the products you get from a pig, finding a market to sell them is usually not a challenging task since there is a market for the products.

With all these, a farmer most probably will run into one challenging. This is getting the right feeds for the pig. All in all, this should not be a problem because a research will be the best idea. In that, you can use the internet to do the research you want.

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