A rooster weighing eight kilos is drawing crowds at the Nairobi International Trade Fair.

This is almost the weight of a dik-dik antelope and twice the size of a normal rooster.

Kukuchic company sales person Nathan Koech said the 11-month rainbow rooster is worth Sh2,000 to Sh3,000 while a four-month broiler goes for about Sh1,000.

โ€œThe rainbow rooster is a dual-purpose breed and an average rooster weighs between 8-10kgs,โ€ he said.

The breed is originally from India.

Koech said such weight is not ideal for natural fertilisation as the rooster might hurt the hen.

He said they do artificial insemination.

โ€œAt five months the rooster is ready for the market,โ€ Koech said.

He said they have 20,000 roosters at the Eldoret-based company and they also sell a day-old chicks at Sh100 each. Unfertilised egg costs Sh15.

Koech urged farmers to rear poultry.

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