If you love cherries, this fast growing vine-like cherry variety will be right up your alley. Related to cherry guava, the Brazilian cherry tree is also known as the Surinam cherry tree or the Florida cherry tree. Although commonly called a tree, it’s more of a shrub or vine, which grows beautiful aromatic leaves and delicious, edible cherries.

Although the Brazilian cherry tree makes fruit that resemble cherries, they’re actually NOT cherries, nor do they taste like cherries. Instead, they taste more like mangoes and are incredibly high in vitamin C.

Brazilian Cherry Farming In Kenya

A highly ornamental shrub with spreading branches and aromatic foliage. The Brazilian cherry has delicate white flowers that are followed within 3 weeks by a ribbed fruit that changes from green to orange to maroon-red when fully ripe.
The young bronze foliage turns a glossy deep green when mature and deep red in cold, dry weather. The fruit is delicious eaten out-of-hand or as an ingredient in jelly, sauce and pies. Refrigeration enhances the flavour and makes these a good substitute for strawberries.
Weed warning: This tasty and very hardy pumpkin shaped berry is popular as a kids treat. While in a urban situation it holds little risk however the fruit is very appealing to birds and when planted in regional areas it has been observed to seed into native vegetation remnants, where it can continue to self seed and inhibit the growth of native flora. It has the potential to grow in open sun and shaded areas. If in close proximity to subtropical rainforest remnants the tree should be netted during fruiting to avoid introduction into the native vegetation.

Brazilian Cherry Fruit

The fruit is cherry-like, deeply ribbed with 8 longitudinal grooves. They can be up to 3 or 4cm in diameter. They are light green to begin with, then mature from bright cherry red to almost black when ripe. They are aromatic, but flavour varies greatly and may be acid to excellent. Inside, there will be 1 to 3 hard seeds.

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Brazilian Cherry fruits ripen at different rates on the tree. Only eat fruits which fall into your hand when touched. If you have to pull or twist, then it is not ripe just yet. The dark fruits tend to be sweeter whereas the red ones can be more โ€˜tangyโ€™ and resinous.

Ripe Brazilian Cherry fruits are sweet with a mix of acidity. The juicy pulp contains 1 to 3 large non edible seeds. Interestingly, the fruits have a high level of acidity balanced by a high carbohydrate (sugar) count. The tartness can be similar to cranberries.

Planting Brazilian Cherry In Kenya

  • If you do decide to grow these cherry trees, make sure you have enough space.
  • The plants grow rapidly and the rows will need to be spaced 18 feet apart. For hedges, plant 2-5 feet apart.
  • Plant at least 10 feet from other trees, shrubs, or plants.
  • Make sure to have well draining soil, as Brazilian cherry trees do not like wet soil.
  • Make a combination of sand, soil, and perlite to make sure your tree grows quickly and is healthy.
  • Plant in a space where the tree will receive full sun, at least 12 hours a day.

Brazilian Cherry Care

  • Brazilian cherry trees do not require a lot care.
  • Water the tree weekly and make sure never to over-water. The tree is pretty drought resistant and does not like wet soil.
  • During growing season, fertilize every time you water with a time release fertilizer of 8-3-9.

So now that you know how to grow Brazilian cherry trees, it’s time to get to planting!

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Brazilian Cherry Seedlings

In Kenya, seedlings can be bought at any Farmers Trend nurseries by contacting +254 724559286 or +254 790509684, You can also obtain ready Brazilian Cherry seedlings at Fruit Africa via +254 752452939

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