In farming as a business you need to learn how to crawl before you can walk, it is key that you master one type of crop before you heavily invest in diversification.

Before you decide to introduce many crops to the mix, be known for one thing! And try by all means to be the person known for itโ€ฆ

Iโ€™m sure when we name a few farmers we know, crops are associated to their business and what they grow mostly and thatโ€™s their core strength, despite them growing other things.

I am able to grow a number of vegetables, but one crop you will see all year round isย green beans, and it so happens to be the crop I chose for my thesis.

When you start, itโ€™s important to establish what type of produce you would like to specialize in and that you will be known for. This way you are the go to person because you are good at it.

Take away points:

  1. Learn to focus on your core strength to ensure long term growth.
  2. Keep in mind that a farm can only produce according to what is invested in it.
  3. As a farmer remember to base your decisions on the future and not just your desire to farm what is being hyped.

โ€“ย Elizabeth Maanda Sianga

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