No matter how small your farm is you ought to have a sound layout for it. You should have an area for your house and store for keeping your tools and harvested crops as well as some space for livestock and crops. You might also need a drying yard for some of your harvested crops.

With guidance from the area agricultural services extension worker you should get a soil scientist to sample and test the soil on your farm to establish what physical and chemical properties it has and what ingredients are missing. The information will guide you on what fertilisers to use on your farm and the most suitable crops to be grown on that kind of soil.

It is also good to have an idea about the acreage of your farm. This can be established by hiring a surveyor who should be able to provide you with a map so that you can then put up boundaries of your farm.

The fences might be in form of barbed wire or timber or any other material but it is important to mark the edges of your farm to avoid possible boundary conflicts with your neighbours.

After making the perimeter fence you might want to make internal fences which separate the area where crops are grown and where livestock is kept. You don’t want the animals to destroy your crops. Constructing strong fences is one way of minimising farm thefts and the spread of crop and animal diseases.

Try as much as possible to obtain water to be used on the farm. You might have to pump it from a source such as a swamp or to drill it from underground. You will probably construct a large tank to harvest rainwater. A good source of water is important for successful farming.

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Make sure you have a good road and an entrance to your farm so that trucks can easily access it to deliver inputs and to take away farm products. Farming is a business and as much as possible try to reserve a room for an office where to meet clients and to keep farm records.

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