As hass avocado prices in Kenya continue to impress, Packhouse buying prices have also been handsome in the last 4 weeks of January 2023. According to Avocado Society of Kenya, the end of January has seen huge buying prices by Packhouses on hass avocados in Kenya as compared to fuerte. Hass avocados are most in demand in the export market because of their superior ripening characteristics. Trade prices for Hass avocado shift mostly depending on the available volume.

Why are Hass Avocados so Popular?

In the late 1920s, the industry standard for avocados was set by the Fuerte variety. Here are some factors that made the Hass variety more popular in Kenya compared to the Fuerte:

  1. Hass trees have a much higher fruit yield
  2. Hass trees can produce fruit all year long. Hass has the longest harvest season of any avocado variety around. The main harvest season of Hass avocado in Kenya is from May to October.
  3. Hass avocado contains higher oil levels which give it a better taste
  4. Hass avocado has a longer shelf-life
  5. Hass trees are vigorous growers and easy to propagate
  6. Hass trees mature and yield fruit faster. Hass trees start bearing fruit after three to four years while Fuerte trees start after six years.
  7. Hass trees alternate their production of fruit every other year. This means they give a bountiful harvest one year and recover the next year with a light harvest. This is unlike Fuerte trees which struggle with over production every year.
  8. Hass trees limit their yield by moderating the duration of blooming and the amount of blooming flowers. But the Fuerte trees have longer blooms and too many blooming flowers leading to over bearing.
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hass avocado

Prices for hass avocado seedlings

Hass avocado seedlings have been at a constant state with prices of quality grafted hass avocado seedlings ranging between 150-650Kshs on most nurseries.

You can purchase hass avocado seedlings via 0724-559286 / 0790-509684 / 0752-452939




FARMERS TREND FRUIT SEEDLINGS SERVICESWe provide technical support on fruit farming in Kenya. Our Sales Team with technically qualified staff provide after sales service and farmers’ advisory services to our customers to get better plant establishment and faster growth of fruit orchard and plantations.

We have a large network of employees who arrange delivery of seedlings to customers at their various destinations from Nairobi. Free technical services to customers on planting method, management practices and plant protection measures. Our team of Agricultural Experts periodically visits and supervise plantations and suggest necessary guidelines to get better growth and higher returns.

The income & expenditure projections indicated by Farmers Trend is normally an approximate figure, as it also depends on the nature and hard work of the farmer.

  1. This includes soil testing, seedlings purchase guidance, consultancy, farm preparation guidance and transportation.
  2. First production on most fruit trees start after 2nd year and production remains for next several years.
  1. We offer special tailored packages per acre on Hass Avocado, Macadamia, Oranges, Mangoes and Apples
  2. This packages consist of a well drafted win win situation between the farmer and Farmers Trend
  3. Where a farmer provides a) Land b) Preparation of land, c) Soil Analysis d) Manure and any other recommendation as per soil analysis e) Irrigation
  4. And, Farmers Trend provide a) Hole digging using recommended spacing b) Soil and manure mixing plus refilling c) Seedlings enough for an acre as recommended d) 3 months monitoring
  5. Each fruit package has its own cost depending on site survey
GIVE US A CALL TO ENJOY THIS BENNEFITS VIA +254 724-559286 OR +254 754-452939


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