One of the leading beekeeping Companies in Africa, Savannah Honey has launched a subsidized national beekeeping promotion programme dubbed “Don’t let your land stay idle” targeting 7,000 clients across the country.

Through this programme the company shall:

  1. Deliver and install Langstroth hives at a special price of 5, 500 per hive instead of the normal price of kshs 6,500.
  2. Provide technical support services including colony division, colony strengthening and requeening free of charge to our clients. To make this effective, the company has deployed apiarists across the country who can serve clients within 24 hours whenever need arises.
  3. Manage the apiaries for the clients.
  4. Provide the clients with a 5-year contract for the market of the Honey, bee pollen, propolis and Bee Venom.

Speaking during the launch of the program at Savannah Honey beekeeping Centre, Utawala Nairobi,the  C.E.O of Savannah Honey Kyalo Maveke said that  Kenya’s potential in beekeeping has never been exploited  leading to Kenya importing around 80% of the honey consumed in the country and , over 95% of all Bee pollen, propolis and bee venom used in the country being imported.

Through this programme we shall enable our clients utilize their idle land enabling them earn extra income.

He encourages people to invest in beekeeping because it’s an investment that one can never go wrong if they check against the black ants and honey badgers. Again it’s an investment that doesn’t require any input and labour. It’s not time consuming and it has very high returns with honey now retailing at kshs 800 per kg, Bee pollen at kshs6,800 per kg,propolis  kshs  1,900 per kg and bee venom at ksh 4,000 per gram.

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You can contact Savannah Honey on; 0724052975,[email protected] or

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