Kale belongs to the brassicas family โ€“ a group of leafy vegetables that generally favor cooler climates. Kale is very easy to grow in a variety of climates but it tastes sweetest when it has just been kissed by frost.

Use plenty of manure to enable the crop to grow well, and space the plants closely, at 15 centimeters apart. Spacing them far apart creates too much room for pesky weeds and affects productivity โ€“ not to mention extra work for you! It is best to create a raised bed that is narrow enough for you to work on without stepping in between the plants.

Harvest regularly, leaving four leaves on each plant and donโ€™t allow the leaves to grow too large and tough or they wonโ€™t taste very nice. Water the plants every other day and the leaves will be very tasty. When kale stays too long without water, the leaves become tough and you will probably not enjoy the meal. Larger leaves can be fried or steamed and the smaller, tenderer leaves can be used for salads or kale juice.

Other brassicas are cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.


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