Hybrid maize seeds: Having a very loosed soil laced with composted manure in the right quantity will feed your plant and also contribute to the crop yield increase.
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It’s good to use hybrid seed on the farm.

However, hybrid seed will only produce good yield if it has all the component of production<

Hybrid seed will not increase your yield if you don’t put the filling factors in place

1. Maize population: 14,000 maize seed on an hectare will produce to their capacity of 14,000 seed 90,000 seed on an Hectare will produce to their capacity of 90,000 seed

You can’t plant 14,000 hybrid seed on an hectare to get 7 tones per hectare.
You need to have planted 80,000. – 100,000 seed

2. Planting hybrid seed without water support outside irregular rainfall will not give you the expected yield.

There is specific water quantity requirements that the crop required to produce

3. Planting hybrid seed in a low nutrient soil will not produce good yield. Every crop require to be fed nutrient before they can produce maximally

All factors of production must be strictly adhered to even if you are planting hybrid seed

Hybrid seed actually demand more maintenance factor than the local seed which can survive rugged situation

4. Hybrid seed will not produce much for you in a weed invested planting system

Hybrid seed require good maintenance structure of which I mentioned few above

Article Credit: Farmvilla Resource Centre

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