I have been talking about farming for the last one month and I felt that it was only fair if I brought #AskKirubi to my farm. I have been speaking to you as an experienced farmer who has gone through various challenges to get my farm to where it is now.

As I take you on a tour round my farm, you will understand why to me this is not just an ordinary farm but my second home. It’s a business like any other which I give my all to and employ the right set of skills to take care and mange it. As you all know, very recently I spoke of how the coffee prices are down creating huge losses for coffee farmers like me. However, I continue to look for other ways to utilize the land effectively and balance the opportunities present.

Hopefully, I will share what I have decided to do, but for now, let’s embark on this journey and I hope that one day I can bring some of you to my farm.

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